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Botanical Beauty: Unabashedly Indulgent Self Care Rituals. A 3-week Course


In this series, we will play with some of my favorite herbs, products, and rituals for deeply restorative self care. Recipes and processes such as these are supremely important, especially in times like this, for showing deep appreciation and gratitude to these bodies of ours that do such a fine job of carrying our soul around. Generous, sensual care can be profoundly healing to our overtaxed bodies and our overburdened hearts and our frazzled minds.

In the first class, we will learn about the skin and how to keep it healthy, and prepare a full, personalized facial repertoire for ourselves:

-Herbal steam/compress with herbs appropriate for our skin type

-Gently but deeply cleansing exfoliant and mask

-Balancing, nourishing toner

-Restorative facial serum based on precious oils

Just one of these items could cost you the price of the class, but you'll not only go home with all four, but you'll be able to make them again any time you want, and you'll understand how to identify what your skin needs and how to provide it.

The second class will focus on the body. We will discuss the benefits of seaweeds, salts, and other healing delights, and the life-changing ritual of Abhyanga, the Ayurvedic Art of Self Massage. And we will go home with:

-Herb and seaweed body scrub

-Seaweed bath soak

-Personalized massage oil

And the third class will focus on our crowning glory: Our hair and scalp. Sometimes the most abused part of our body, we will look at the most effective ways to nourish and support healthy growth, and keep our hair looking and feeling luxurious, including the formulation of a nutritive herbal infusion. We will make:

-Hair and Scalp Oil

-Purifying Acetum for Hair and Scalp

-Deeply Nourishing Tea Blend

The cost for all three classes is $125, which includes all supplies, class notes, and instruction.
We have a limited number of spaces available as drop-ins for single classes, which are $50 each. Call Green Wisdom to check availability, 562-591-8700.

Dates are 3 Fridays: 2/2, 2/9, 2/16

Whenever I offer this series, it fills quickly! Register soon to save your seat. 
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